Mystics of the Christian Tradition

Christian mystics have often been the saints, leaders and founders of the Christian tradition, yet there is wide ranging opinion on what mysticism means. In this survey, Steven Fanning explores a wide range of mystic phenomena and the lives and teachings of almost a hundred mystics in their historical context, including: Jesus and the early Christian mystics; Hildegard of Bingen; Thomas Aquinas; Julian of Norwich; Margery Kempe; and Evelyn Underhill. Mystics of the Christian Tradition examines the mystical experiences that have determined the history of Christianity over 2000 years. We are invited to explore and reassess what it means to be a mystic, and consider whether such figures as Christopher Columbus and Joan of Arc should be seen as mystics, spurred to action by their divine visions. Encompassing the mystics of the Byzantine and Russian Churches as well as Western churches, Mystics of the Christian Tradition offers a broad ranging introduction to mysticism for undergraduate students and the general reader.

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