“Music Makers” and World Creators

Many works of fantasy literature feature a considerable number of embedded poems, some written by the authors themselves, some borrowed and transformed from other authors. Exploring the mechanisms of this mix and the interaction between individual poems and the overall narrative, this monograph analyses the various forms and functions of embedded poems in major works of fantasy literature. The choice of authors and texts shed light on the development of fantasy as a genre that frequently mixes prose and verse and thus continues the long tradition of prosimetric practices after the Romantic period. Not only does the analysis of the embedded poems allow for a new understanding of the individual works. It also promises insights into shared literary-historical roots, cross-influences between the authors and the role of the mix of poetry and prose for the imaginative and subversive potential of fantasy literature in general. Providing comprehensive case studies of the forms and functions of embedded poems in fantasy literature, this volume illuminates the emergence of modern fantasy and its impact on contemporary fantasy.

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Publisher Routledge
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