MR Safety, An Issue of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America, E-Book

This issue of MRI Clinics of North America focuses on MR Safety and is edited by Dr. Robert E. Watson. Articles will include: Key elements of clinical MRI safety; Standardized approaches to MR safety assessment of patients with implanted devices; Performing MRI safely in patients with implanted electronic devices: cardiac electronic implanted devices and neurostimulators; Implanted devices: SAR considerations for common diagnostic examinations; Testing of commonly implanted devices for MR conditional labelling; MR safety in the 7T environment; Physics of MR safety; MRI safety considerations of gadolinium based contrast agents: gadolinium retention and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis; MRI safety: Siting and zoning considerations; Elements of effective patient screening to improve safety in MRI, including use of ferromagnetic detection systems; MRI safety in the interventional environment; MRI Safety: Pregnancy and Lactation; MR safety: Computer MRI simulations for testing of electronic devices; and more!

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Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
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ISBN 0323759424
Pages 240 pages
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