Money Malocclusion

Align Your Practice and Your Life For A Retirement You'll Smile About As the leader in your practice, you are the advocate for comprehensive preventive dentistry as a means of achieving a patient’s good oral health. Just as it’s important for the upper teeth to fit well with the lower teeth, so it’s important for the doctor’s business and personal finances to mesh. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for otherwise thriving dentists to get their practice and personal finances completely out of balance. This is MONEY MALOCCLUSION. In his jaw-dropping book, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Jake Jacklich (a dentist’s son himself), shows you how to capitalize on your unique opportunities, avoid industry-specific pitfalls, and plan a successful exit from your dental practice. Money Malocclusion will give you the tools to: • Ask better questions of your trusted advisors • Devise a practical strategy where personal goals drive better business decisions • Identify, prioritize, and correct prominent financial misalignments • Change your strategic mindset as your career matures • Minimize risk and better protect your family, practice, staff and patients • Learn the value of your dental practice • Transition your dental practice for maximum benefit while maintaining your lifestyle

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