Model-based System and Architecture Engineering with the Arcadia Method

This book presents ARCADIA—a tooled method devoted to systems and architecture engineering, especially for those dealing with strong constraints to be reconciled (cost, performance, safety, security, reuse, consumption, weight). The book describes the detailed reasoning necessary to: understand the real customer need; define and share the product architecture among all engineering stakeholders; early validate its design and justify it; and ease and master integration, validation, verification and qualification (IVVQ). Offers a comprehensive examination of systems engineering, including the use of models to support it Not only yet another book on modeling, but rather a journey in systems engineering, enlightening the use of models to support it. Focuses on solitary modeling tasks while also covering prime collaborations between engineering stakeholders Examines modeling techniques to capture and share architecture and to early verify it against need and non-functional constraints Addresses subjects not usually covered by model-based system engineering (MBSE) methods, such as co-engineering with specialties, system/sub-system co-engineering, integration verification and validation Features a powerful, dedicated tool (Capella) Covers a range of topics, including an introduction to system engineering issues, an introduction to MBSE, a presentation of the method for beginners and a handy reference manual for advanced users

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Publisher Elsevier
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ISBN 0081017944
Pages 388 pages
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