Methodological Advances and Issues in Studying College Impact

Which curricular and cocurricular practices promote studentlearning and persistence? While most research and assessment oncollege student outcomes offers limited insight into causaleffects, this volume provides strong evidence of the impact ofcollege on students. The first section discusses statistical analyses that offer moreaccurate estimates of the causal effect of a particular studentexperience, such as receiving a need-based scholarship or usingacademic support services. Providing an overview of the analyticalframework, it also includes real-world examples to illustrateimplementation for institutional researchers. The second section includes original research to enhance the valueof student surveys, including: • aspects of questionnaire design and techniques to cope withitem nonresponse, • variation in respondent effort, • interpretation of student self-reported gains, and • practical insights to improve survey-based research. This is the 161st volume of this Jossey-Bass quarterly reportseries. Timely and comprehensive, New Directions forInstitutional Research provides planners and administratorsin all types of academic institutions with guidelines in such areasas resource coordination, information analysis, program evaluation,and institutional management.

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