Math Games 3rd Grade: Kakuro for Kids

Kakuro (also known as "Cross Sums") is a logical puzzle, a mathematical equivalent of crosswords. The puzzle consists of a playing area of filled and empty cells similar to a crossword puzzle. Some black cells contain a diagonal slash from top left to bottom right with numbers in them, called "the clues." A number in the top right corner relates to an "across" clue and one in the bottom left a "down" clue. The object of a kakuro is to insert digits from 1 to 9 into the white cells to total the clue associated with it. However no digit can be duplicated in an entry. For example the total 6 you could have 1 and 5, 2 and 4 but not 3 and 3. ============ KEYWORDS / TAGS: math puzzles and brainteasers grades 3-5 - math puzzles for middle school - math puzzles for kids ages 8-10 - math puzzle for kids - math puzzle kids - 5th grade math puzzles - math puzzles grade 5 - 6th grade math puzzles - brain teasers for kids ages 10-12 - brain teasers for kids - brain teaser for kids - brain teaser games for teens - brain teaser kids - brain teaser 12 year old - brain teasers for kids ages 6-8 - brain teasers for kids ages 8-10 - math puzzle books for kids

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