Materials Physics and Chemistry

This volume focuses on the development and application of fundamental concepts in mechanics and physics of solids as they pertain to the solution of challenging new problems in diverse areas, such as materials science and micro- and nanotechnology. In this volume, emphasis is placed on the development of fundamental concepts of mechanics and novel applications of these concepts based on theoretical, experimental, or computational approaches, drawing upon the various branches of engineering science and the allied areas within applied mathematics, materials science, and applied physics. Materials Physics and Chemistry: Applied Mathematics and Chemo-Mechanical Analysis emphasizes the basics, such as design, equilibrium, material behavior, and geometry of deformation in simple structures or machines. Readers will find a thorough treatment of stress, strain, and the stress-strain relationships. Meanwhile it provides a solid foundation upon which readers can begin work in composite materials science and engineering. Many chapters include theory components with the equations students need to calculate different properties.

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Publisher CRC Press
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ISBN 1000727718
Pages 272 pages
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