Mac Pro 2019 User's Manual

MAC PRO 2019 USER'S MANUAL: A Comprehensive Manual To Set Up And Operate Mac Pro 2019 The new Mac Pro 2019 was unveiled by Apple Inc. at its 2019 WWDC event, This came as a huge surprise to many Mac users as the last update on the Mac Pro was done in 2013. During the unveiling, Apple authoritatively mentioned that the latest Mac Pro is the most powerful computer produced by the company to date. The Apple Mac Pro 2019 comes with 1.5TB of six-channel ECC system memory, and up to 28-core Intel Xeon processor, this feature alone makes Mac Pro 2019 the fastest computer in the world. Also, the Mac Pro allows for modular upgrades. This new device is specially made for professionals who require flexible and powerful machines. The computer is perfect for applications that use so many processing cores like image-editing software, video-editing applications, 3D programs, and lots more. The 2019 Apple Mac Pro comes installed with the macOS Catalina and gives you more features to explore on your Mac, like the Picture in Picture feature, Sidecar feature, New Dark Mode, Apple Arcade, etc. Even for existing users, these new features may seem a little overwhelming when using them for the first time. This guide is written with a STEP by STEP approach, and pictorial illustrations to give a more in-depth explanation to the usage of this device. Whether you are just buying a new Mac device or downloading the latest software on your existing device, this book has all you need to achieve more productivity on your Mac computer. Some of the things you would learn in this book include: How to set up Mac Pro 2019 How to restore/migrate data from your old Mac or Pc to the new Mac Pro How to partition your device drive to run both macOS Mojave and Catalina OS How to explore the features of the latest macOS Catalina. How Sync your iPhone and iPad to your Mac Pro How to use your iPad as a screen extension on your Mac Pro How to sync Music, Photos, Podcast and Movies from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac Pro And more Get a copy of this guide by scrolling up and clicking on BUY NOW to increase your productivity with your Mac Pro device

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