Maths, Stage 7

This brand new, three-level series, provides coverage of the Cambridge Secondary 1 maths curriculum framework. Written by an experienced author team, the series comprises a comprehensive Student Book, extensive Workbook and supportive Teacher Guide. Student Book 7 provides comprehensive coverage of the Secondary 1 syllabus through 9 topic-based units. The series is influenced by a mastery approach, with topics being thoroughly embedded before learners move on. * New concepts are presented through worked examples, which lead learners, step-by-step, through the concepts, with clear and detailed explanations. * Links are made between topics, encouraging learners to build on relevant fluency from previously learnt topics, and practise mathematical concepts in a different context. * Learners build 21st-century skills such as mental maths strategies, pattern spotting and problem solving, enabling them to talk about mathematics with confidence. * With challenge questions integrated throughout, learners can deepen their understanding. * Learners are encouraged to reflect on their learning, in order to build learner independence. * The series builds on the foundations laid down in primary maths, and prepares learners for embarking on IGCSE maths. Collins is working closely with Cambridge International Examinations towards endorsement of the series.

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Publisher Collins
Release Date
ISBN 9780008213497
Pages 260 pages
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