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Learn Romanian Fast, Fun and Easy The official language of Romania is Romanian, an Indo-European, neo-Latin language, the easternmost representative of the family of Romance languages. In terms of sonority, Romanian is very similar to Italian. The Romanian language is the result of the evolution of the Latin spoken in Dacia and Moesia after they were conquered and colonized by the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, the new language experienced numerous external influences, mostly at the lexical level. At the grammatical level, Romanian is one of the most conservative Romance languages, which is due to the fact that the speakers belonged to a marginal area, isolated from the rest of the Romance world. The grammatical structure and the basic word stock of the Romanian language have been inherited from Latin. As in all the other Romance languages, in Romanian there is a substratum (i.e. those elements of the native dialects which were incorporated into the Vulgar Latin) and a superstratum (i.e. the new elements that penetrated the new Romanian language as a result of the invasions of the migratory peoples). Contacts with the Slavic dialects date back to the 6th or 7th century. The Slavic dialects influenced Romanian, since the local population and the newcomers engaged in cohabitation. It is important to mention that Romanian did not experience the influence of classical Latin, as other Romance languages did. In the Catholic areas (Italy, France, Spain), Latin was the language of culture and religion, while Slavonic was used in the Orthodox Church and in the administration of the Romanian States. Designed as a reference tool for continued language learning beyond the beginning level, this workbook provide explanations and sets of exercises for learning, practicing, and understanding the major points of Romanian grammar. The manual contains 8 units on certain grammar problems for use with a tutor or under self-guided learning circumstances. We hope that it will assist you in gaining self-confidence, enthusiasm in learning Romanian as well make it more interesting and helpful enough. SUCCESS!!!

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