KNOW YOUR RIGHTS on Staff Compassionate Appointment Scheme

The other side sun set is sunshine .From Womb to the Tomb: The sun shines on a clear conscience Yes! The other side of Sunset is Sunrise. The sun never sets. It is only an optical illusion in real life. The sudden jerk in the family on the death of a bread winner gives rise to seismic shocks. The feeling of security drops to zero and insecurity reigns. The grief stricken family goes through mental agony. the genesis of this book lay in the long felt need for compilation containing authentic and updated case laws materials drawn from various resourceful materials which collected and compiled as notes on know your rights on law and practice of compassionate Appointment in GOVT. offices PSU's & PSB's .. Over the years it was greatly felt that a standing reference material which helps a member to understand and grasps various aspects of labour laws in a simple language beyond jargons is necessary. This book is for all. The objectives of this book are to enable activists to understand important concepts of the objectives and law of compassionate appointments, with practical illustrations and to get an insightful understanding of changing environment of needless query raising e approach followed in banks and other sectors and impact of the subjectiveness with which it is raised. S.SRINIVASAN

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