Parish Registers of Anne Arundel Co., MD 16th and 17th Century

The parish registers of St. James Parish on Herring Creek in Anne Arundel, MD - established 1692 - have long been out-of-print. Because of this, the author has transcribed the parish records books of the St. James Parish, along with those in Christ Church, West River, and Cliffs. All are in Anne Arundel County, MD and include dates back to the middle 1600's through the 1700s. There are two (2) sections to this book. The first is an index of all the individuals, birth, marriage and death dates along WITH their spouse's name. At the center of the book is the index for Part 1. Part 2 gives basically the same information but includes the place of birth, marriage and death, WITHOUT the names of their spouses. The index at the end of the book is for Part 2. To place these names into family groups, please see for the family file called Anne-Arundel. Front cover photo: St. James Parish today Rear cover photo: St. James cemetery which abutts the parish church.

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