It Made You Think of Home

"I am writing my own diary to myself, which is true and not exaggerated. It is impossible to give people the least idea of what war is if they were never through one." This is the voice of Deward Barnes, a Canadian soldier who fought in the major battles of WWI. This is his story, in his words, written as the events of the Great War were unfolding. Illustrated with Deward's sketches and contemporary photos, It Made You Think of Home takes us into the mind of this ordinary Canadian soldier, trapped in a world in which he had to pay a terrible price in order to survive. In 1917, Deward was assigned to the firing squad that was to take the life of Private Harold Lodge, who had been convicted of desertion by a court martial. Lodge was one of 23 Canadians executed during the war by their own brothers in arms. It was an experience that changed Deward forever.

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Publisher Dundurn
Release Date
ISBN 1550025120
Pages 318 pages
Rating 4/5 (25 users)