Intelligent Technologies for Internet of Vehicles

This book gathers recent research works in emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for the convergence of communication, caching, control, and computing resources in cloud-based Internet of Vehicles (IoV) infrastructures. In this context, the book's major subjects cover the analysis and the development of AI-powered mechanisms in future IoV applications and architectures. It addresses the major new technological developments in the field and reflects current research trends and industry needs. It comprises a good balance between theoretical and practical issues, covering case studies, experience and evaluation reports, and best practices in utilizing AI applications in IoV networks. It also provides technical/scientific information about various aspects of AI technologies, ranging from basic concepts to research-grade material, including future directions. This book is intended for researchers, practitioners, engineers, and scientists involved in designing and developing protocols and AI applications and services for IoV-related devices.

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Publisher Springer Nature
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ISBN 3030764931
Pages 511 pages
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