Insurance Secrets Revealed

Problem: People are tired of feeling powerless and uninformed when dealing with insurance. Solution: At last, here you’ll find the inside tips that will enable you to save money, time, and avoid frustration when buying or renewing your insurance. Dear Friend: If you’re like most people, you’re paying too much on your insurance premiums and should know that there are “untold” ways to save money and prevent aggravation. But unless you were privy to the “inside tips” that most insurance professionals know about, you wouldn’t have a clue as to how you could save as much as possible. Well, here’s your chance to get the secrets that some don’t volunteer to share. Listed below are just some of the things you’ll learn in “Insurance Secrets Revealed,” to start putting cash back into YOUR pocket, take better control, and protect yourself & family…right away: • Learn the one simple “secret” that could save hundreds or thousands of dollars off of a homeowners or auto insurance premium immediately! • Discover the one thing that's overlooked by most people and causes them to overpay month after month • Learn the “special questions” to ask an insurance company or agent that can save you money off of your quote or premium • Discover how and when an insurance company can fix your car, even if you only have liability coverage • Learn “Secrets” to saving money when insuring younger drivers • How to prevent paying “out of pocket” (despite having insurance) to your finance or leasing company after a major accident • Discover 12 important insurance products you must know about NOW! • How to inexpensively cover yourself against major lawsuits • How to really buy auto insurance and what you should be asking for • How to choose a good insurance company before it's too late • Learn what to include in your policy, to get more money for your home or auto claim • How to get life insurance death benefits WHILE YOU’RE STILL LIVING (most people are absolutely shocked by this, and no, it’s not the accumulated cash value of the policy.) • Find out these important tips to keep from being “penalized” or cancelled by your insurance company • Learn the difference between buying insurance through agents, brokers, and buying direct (there is a difference) • Find out things you should know about the claims process, that perhaps no one ever told you! • Discover what every homeowner should know about mold, where to go for help, and much more! DON’T RELY SOLELY ON AGENTS OR SALES REPS TO TELL YOU HOW TO SAVE ON, OR BUY INSURANCE! Insurance is a serious topic and the truth of the matter is that most people don’t have a clue as to what they’re getting or what they should be asking for when talking to an insurance agent. Not knowing what to buy or what type of policy is best for your situation can cost you and your family BIG TIME by leaving you at the mercy of an insurance salesperson’s lack of experience, knowledge and/or concern. To be honest, you have a right to know all you can without being an insurance agent yourself. This is why this information is now being revealed, so consumers like yourself can be put on a level playing field, compared to people that just blindly buy insurance everyday, pay more than they have to, and walk away with inadequate protection. Friend, don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from empowering yourself! This is the type of straight-up information that you need, “real world” info that will tell you like it really is, (something rarely found elsewhere). Now is the time to stop being vulnerable and seize control by becoming an informed buyer! Get your copy today! "Insurance Secrets Revealed by award-winning insurance agent and expert, Rodger Nelson, is a highly practical guide filled from cover to cover with money-saving advice that the insurance companies themselves will never voluntarily reveal to prospective policyholders. Individual chapters cogently address pertinent issues ranging from untold "secrets" of life insurance; solid tips for protecting a business through insurance; insuring against threats to personal finances; and much, much more. Insurance Secrets Revealed is strongly recommended supplementary reading for insurance buyers everywhere." - Midwest Book Review Tags: buying insurance, insurance secrets, saving money tips and tricks, money saving ideas, insider secrets, cost saving ideas, best ways to save money, secrets revealed, money saving tricks, money saving tips, saving money guide, buying advice, reduce debt, reducing expenses, lowering bills, budgeting save money, how to save money, fast ways to save money, money saving advice, tips to save money, lowering expenses

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