Inner Guides Visions Dreams and Dr. Einstein

Newest Edition--Intuition and Self-Development: This book describes a wide range of traditional intuitive and spiritual methods, including spirit guides, dreams, visionary-mystical techniques, divination, animal spirits, the Near Death Experience, introduction to the depth psychology of C.G.Jung, and more. Originally published in 1986 by Celestial Arts, this book has already won the hearts and minds of thousands of readers. Praised by reviewers and readers alike. As a seminal work, the work this book contains is also found in a much expanded form in six later books by the same author, all published by mainstream publishers. If you are interested in traditional spiritual and intuitive practices, and want to know how to bring them into your daily life, you will find much to like here, told skillfully, with an intriguing interweaving of the author's own experience, research, quotes by a wide variety of mystics, philosophers, native peoples, and psychologists, and with clear self-help material for exploring and expanding your own innate abilities in these realms. Includes bibliography for further reading and a good index. Look for other titles by the same author at Amazon.

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