In Search of a Feminist Writer

In this scholarly book Dr. Rohidas Nitonde examines Manju Kapurs novels with a feminist perspective. The study offers an in depth analysis of all the five novels by Kapur. It is for the first time that all her works are illustrated with a single perspective. The focus of argument leads to conclude on Kapurs vision of Indian womanhood. The book explains Kapurs indubitable ability to explore the psyche of the present day urban, educated middle-class Indian woman who is trapped in the midway between tradition and modernity. It is an attempt to study Kapurs women protagonists, as portrayed by her in her novels, with a view to understand and appreciate their trials and tribulations under the impact of the conflicting influence of tradition and modernity and to critically analyze their response to the emerging situation in life so as to fit themselves in the contemporary society. It also probes deeply into the novelists conviction of what would serve as the ideal panacea for the different kinds of challenges faced by her female characters. It as well explores both the daring and desires of the Indian women in the fictional works of Kapur. The study is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter is introductory in nature. The subsequent five chapters deal with the five women protagonists Virmati, Astha, Nisha, Nina and Ishita who, finding themselves trapped in the roles assigned to them by the society, attempt to assert their individuality. Sensitive to the changing times and situations, they revolt against the traditions in their search for freedom. The last chapter concludes the study by bringing out the general statement about Kapurs female protagonists. Its Bibliography and Webliography sections are exhaustive. This has turned the authoritative work into an indispensable resource for academicians and research scholars. It is an invaluable reference on Manju Kapur.

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