If I Was President... My Blueprint for America

I, not unlike most Americans, have grown tired of the politics of politics, the lies and deceptions of our Congress, and the hypocrisy of the every day political life of the members of our Senate, our House of Representatives, and our Presidency. The campaigns of our future Presidential and Congressional candidates telling Americans they have all the answers, yet offering no real substantial or definitive courses of action to make our country the great nation it once was. I believe the solutions to the many challenges our country is facing are simple, and certainly not rocket science. I believe the means and methods necessary to fix our broken and corrupted Congress, stalled economy, high unemployment, and skyrocketing budget deficit are not that complicated. I question whether Congress and the Presidency really know the proper strides to correct all of these unfortunate circumstances. Within the following pages of this book appropriately entitled, "If I was President...," I intend to outline what I believe, hopefully with most all Americans in agreement, are the paths to recovery and road to prosperity "We The People" of the United States of America would like to see, which is... "My Blueprint for America." I now leave you with my final thoughts: "Nothing changes until everything changes." Marty Piatt, Architect "And unity within our country begins with equal rights for all men and women. Not until this great divide is bridged, this wound healed, can we as a nation move forward to pursue and achieve true happiness and prosperity." Marty Piatt, Architect

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