Discover Yourself, Discover Happiness

This book is Eva Stanová's personal story, her journey through life. The most difficult thing that has happened to her in her life--divorce--also brought about the best things. She discovered her own lifestyle--the happiness lifestyle. Maybe all that is needed is a change of viewpoint and an understanding that if two people are not headed in the same direction, it might be time to part ways. Peacefully, lovingly, and with nothing but the best wishes for the other person. Stanová wrote this story for those who are looking for happiness, searching for it themselves, or those trying to deal with their relationships. She also wrote it for herself, to close a chapter of her life and assess its worth. She writes about her experiences, wins and losses, and maybe through them you will realize what you want and don't want in your life and those things that influence us in life. Sometimes it can be some small thing, and sometimes something more serious, that will be reflected in our subconscious. This negative information about ourselves then influences us on our journey through life and will trap us in certain models of behavior. Her story is about searching for her own path. Despite being divorced, she is fully supportive of the family life, and that it is an arena of freedom. What do you think gives us freedom?

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Publisher AuthorHouse
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ISBN 1481782452
Pages 184 pages
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