Secrets of Western Sex Magic

HARNESS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGIES YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED Unlock the powerful energies raised during the sex act and use them to manifest your deepest desires. During the sex act, your attention becomes focused into a "laser beam" of concentration. This power of concentrated thought is the foundation of all magical systems. Sex Magic's "secret" is that it's a tremendously powerful and easily learned way to consciously direct sexual energy and accomplish material and personal goals. Male and female energies are often entirely different and it would be folly to deny this; but experience shows that female magicians can be particularly successful in using and developing Sex Magic. Consequently, this book is aimed at both male and female readers unlike more traditional teachings written for men. Of all secret lore, Sex Magic has been reputed through the centuries to be the most dangerous. Today we know that this attitude was largely a reflection of the hostility held towards the flesh held by repressive religions. If we learn one thing from the shamanic cultures, it is the strong emphasis upon the role of the body in magic. Mind and Body are two facets of the One Thing in which Will, Imagination and Gnostic Trance are the three pillars of success. Contrary to the principles of Eastern Tantra, Western Sex Magic emphasizes the importance of actual orgasm, both male and female. Orgasm is the moment when the walls between consciousness and subconsciousness are sundered and direct access to the deeper levels of the psyche become possible, freeing up possible paranormal powers. Orgasm itself is sufficient to achieve gnostic trance provided that control is maintained and one does not simply lose consciousness, as most people do at the moment of ecstasy. Secrets Western Sex Magic teaches one of the oldest disciplines of this secret lore. It is a complete system of Sex Magic, in theory and practice - with exercises to develop related abilities for visualization, concentration, breath control, psychic energy arousal and flow along with full instructions on the projection of sexual energies for healing and manifestation, their use in Sigil Magic and the charging of Amulets & Talismans, Group Ritual, and the assumption of god-forms when working as a priestly couple, and the divine “Chymical Marriage” of ultimate union. This book is also an introduction to the entire field of practical magic, using our natural interest and involvement in sexual pleasure to illustrate and develop magical abilities and techniques.

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Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide
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ISBN 9781567187069
Pages 268 pages
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