How to Buy a House

A house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make, but most people don't know the best way to buy a home. The book covers everything you need to know about the home buying and selling process so that you are not taken advantage of. including:- Deciding on how much money to spend on a house(don't let your lender or agent decide for you!)- Deciding whether you should buy or rent- How to get a great deal on a house that will build instant equity- How to get the best loan with less money down (if that is your goal) and the lower overall cost- How to find the best real estate agent and lender and why you need them- How the process works including inspections, appraisals, title insurance, mortgages, closings, escrows, HOAs, etc...- How to fix up your house and maintain it- How to find contractors to help you fix up your house- How to sell your house for the most money- When and if you should refinance your house- A glossary full of definitions for real estate terms- Plus bonus chapters on starting a career in real estateThere has been a lot of talk about real estate being a bad investment. Many financial and economic advisers suggest buying a home may be worse for your finances than renting. However, I think most people do not take the home buying or selling process seriously. They put all their faith in other people to get the right deal done for them. If you blindly buy a house based on what your real estate agent or lender tell you, it may not be a good investment! However, if you are able to find great deals, get a good loan, and take care of your home, real estate can be an incredible tool to build wealth. I am a real estate agent, and real estate investor who has done very well buying hundreds of houses. I try to teach what I know to others to help them make smarter and better decisions. If you know the right way to buy a home, it beats renting every time. There is a lot of information in this book, and depending on your real estate experience you may know some of it, or be familiar with a lot of it. I have created four sections with many chapters to make it easy to navigate. The first part of the book focuses on the bare basics of buying and selling houses, while the later sections go deeper into each aspect of real estate. I hope you enjoy the book and learn how to make your real estate purchases awesome investments.

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