Hematology and Coagulation

Hematology and Coagulation: A Comprehensive Review for Board Preparation, Certification and Clinical Practice, Second Edition, takes a practical and easy-to-read approach to understanding hematology and coagulation at an appropriate level for both board preparation and refresher courses. The book bridges the gap between large textbooks and medical technology books written for laboratory technicians, providing the sufficient background in genetics, toxicology and immunology that residents and medical students need to know in order to become successful physicians. Readers will use this quick reference to understand how tests are performed and how to interpret results. This clear and easy-to-read presentation of core topics and detailed case studies illustrates the application of hematopathology on patient care. Provides a newly updated source that's in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines on the diagnosis of hematological malignancies Succinctly covers all important clinical information found in larger textbooks in an easy-to-understand manner Highlights essential concepts in hematopathology in such a way that pathology fellows and clinicians can understand methods without being specialists in the field

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Publisher Academic Press
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ISBN 0128149655
Pages 324 pages
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