Hell’S Heaven Is Between My Ears

The poetic odyssey of an old soul tripping through its many lives and incarnations trying to escape the present. I am not here yet, cant be here yet. Im just lying on my back, trapped in a tiny useless body, with eyes that cant focus. This is the story, told in poetry and connecting narrative, of an old soul beginning its current incarnation. Its the experience of an infinite consciousness struggling to hang on to the memories and many identities of countless lifetimes. This consciousness pieces the different events of his/her former lives and tries to hang onto who he or she really is before forgetting and playing the latest game of life. Hells Heaven Is Between My Ears is a bold experiment in narrative form using the medium of poetry to tell a story in a way which only poetry can express. The last lives still haunt me, my true love waits in the space beyond. My dearest, I was foolish to leave you, for in this existence. It is nonexistence I long for

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Publisher Trafford Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1490762892
Pages 180 pages
Rating 4/5 (90 users)