Heaven 3.0

If you have ever hoped that you could see or experience aspects of heaven while on earth, then Heaven 3.0 is the book for you! Heaven has begun reigning down Gods messages, glory, and revelation as every day circumstances allow people to witness God promises about heaven. Consider just two facts matched against Gods promises: 1) every day in the world, over 770 people witness a glimpse of heaven through a near death experience, and 2.) Millions of people around the world have switched their religious beliefs based on a heavenly dream they experienced. Documented stories like these, allow humanity to touch heaven, and see another generational cycle of truth about heaven. Heaven 3.0 allows readers to realize we are entering a 3rd generation of knowledge about the greatest place know to every person who has and will walk planet earth; and that place is called heaven. Heaven 3.0 will challenge, delight, and inform every reader about their opportunity to enter into full view of Gods promises. God informs us to watch for signs and wonders in the heavens (Acts 2:19) and that the Heavens would open up and rain down righteousness (Isaiah 45:8). Heaven 3.0 allows readers to enjoy the promise of heaven, and realize that the advances of the world are not just for physical things such as technology, media, and entertainment; but also for the things that pertain to the Kingdom of Heaven. Both Heaven, as well as earth advance, and the Author of Heaven 3.0 encourages you to see and believe in the advancement, while staying connected to scriptural truth. This advancement allows anyone who is willing to see and believe that the common-ground and destiny called heaven, was prepared for people of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

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Publisher AuthorHouse
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ISBN 9781477260616
Pages 211 pages
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