Heal Yourself

We think that on one hand there is our mind and on the other hand there is what seems separate from the mind: physical body and the world. Taking for granted that our perception is an objective tool for examining the “outside” reality, we end up in conflict with everything around us and with ourselves. Our sickness and unhappiness is the proof that our mind is at war, yet we are doing this onto ourselves. When we realize that we are always in control, we can disregard our false interpretation the senses are reporting us. We will then realize what is of valuable and let go of valueless. We need to question our habitual responses based on fears from the past and start fresh and learn to make new decisions based on the desire for inner peace and equality with everyone. Everyone is aware of the same “I” as I am. “I” is not divided. All Power in it is the same and maximal; it is one. There is no other Power than this. It has no parts. It is perfectly united and at our disposal. It is our “daily bread.” Yet because we rather focus our attention on the “outside” body and the world, we perceive ourselves split instead of united with all Creation. When we change our focus and look at each fragment of conflict, we chose to perceive and decide to let the division go and become aware of Oneness of “I” instead. This is the decision for healing. In the book I have described fragmentation of our thinking in many practical situations and how I dealt with them. This process of “undoing” will heal the mind that will also reflect upon the body. At first it was easier for me to practice undoing with children rather than adults. I ran my own gymnastic school for twenty-three years, and by deciding to let it be a place of fun, it became our mutual learning ground. The school was completely transformed and provided many programs for joyous socializing. In an open-structure and noncompetitive environment, the children learn the best. The “teacher” can choose to be neutral (peaceful) and let children learn how to make their own decisions. In the forgiveness process of letting go, everyone needs be included, because everyone is innocent. The book does concentrate on clarifying the two thought systems that govern our thinking. The choice is always ours. In order to focus on the fundamental distinction between them, I repeat the concepts, illustrate them in practical situations, and summarize the approach of “changing of mind.” By completing the manuscript, I have realized that all information I need is now at my disposal, and I will receive more as I apply it more. It is only the application that opens the door to understanding of what is the next step to take. The purpose of all situations is our healing. The sooner we respond to them in the peaceful way, the faster our mind heals. Yet we can take as long as we want to take. The basic premise is that Power of God is within, and how I feel is the direct result of what I think. If I have problems, I do not need to change the world in order to have Peace, but to change what I think. This is done through relationships. People that are assigned to learn with us are constantly appearing in our lives. I can assure you that you would not choose them yourself. However, you called them, and they responded. You are ready for them. They present rather than an illusion of love. They will bring more harmony and joy to your life than you could ever imagine. Forgive them and you will see them truly. Opening the door to everyone is the key to restoration of your true Self. Welcome on board.

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