Handbook of Research on Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems

Anyone who has ever shopped for a new smart phone, laptop, or other tech gadget knows that staying connected is crucial. There is a lot of discussion over which service provider offers the best coverage—enabling devices to work anywhere and at any time—with 4G and LTE becoming a pervasive part of our everyday language. The Handbook of Research on Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems offers solutions for optimal connection of mobile devices. From satellite signals to cloud technologies, this handbook focuses on the ways communication is being revolutionized, providing a crucial reference source for consumers, researchers, and business professionals who want to be on the frontline of the next big development in wireless technologies. This publication features a wide variety of research-based articles that discuss the future of topics such as bandwidth, energy-efficient power, device-to-device communication, network security and privacy, predictions for 5G communication systems, spectrum sharing and connectivity, and many other relevant issues that will influence our everyday use of technology.

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Publisher IGI Global
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ISBN 1466687339
Pages 605 pages
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