Handbook of Radical Polymerization

(Co)polymers prepared via free radical mechanism, together withpolyolefins, comprise the largest portion of the commodity plasticsindustry and are also used for preparation of many specialtymaterials. Handbook of Radical Polymerization provides a concisesource of information on mechanisms, synthetic techniques, andcharacterization methods and addresses future trends for polymersmade by free radical intermediates. A one-stop, at-your-fingertips source of information forstudents, researchers, technologists, and industrial managers, theHandbook functions as a single reference of the conventional andcontrolled/living radical polymerization methods. Two experteditors collect and present historical background of the technique,basic information regarding various free radical polymerizationsystems, and state-of-the-art experimental techniques andindustrial applications. Chapters written by internationallyacclaimed experts in their respective fields include: Theory of Radical Reactions The Kinetics of Free Radical Polymerization Industrial Applications and Processes Nitroxide Mediated Living Radical Polymerization Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Control of Free Radical Polymerization by Chain TransferMethods Macromolecular Engineering by Controlled RadicalPolymerization Guaranteed to have a long shelf life, the Handbook of RadicalPolymerization promises to be an indispensable resource forchemists, chemical engineers, material scientists, and graduatestudents in the field, as well as a valuable addition toindustrial, academic, and government libraries.

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Publisher John Wiley & Sons
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