My name is Jon Wayward and I was one of the most unremarkable guys you probably never met. But then I was hired to find a mysterious pack of tarot cards and that changed my life forever. Now I have inherited my grandfather’s occult collectors shop, his friends, customers and ancestor’s Book of Shadows called the Wayward Grimoire making me the newest member of the world’s secret magical community hidden in plain sight. People now tell me I am remarkable, even famous as the heir to the Wayward Grimoire. But the only thing I seem to be remarkable at is running from reptilian hit men, running to a man that looks like mole, and holding onto a rare and extremely important pack of tarot cards that have the power to control whom ever you want them to whenever you want them to. They say you have to play the cards you’re dealt. I say it’s not the cards you have, it’s how you play them. But what do I know?

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Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date
ISBN 1499090013
Pages 230 pages
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