God And You, The Perfect Relationship To Have

How Is God?. Is the greatest question ever posed by mankind, along with “ Who Is God?. And this is exactly the reason why I wrote this book, in order to finally give you a drink to your spiritual thirst of knowing God, and establishing a perfect relationship with your Creator and Sustaining Force. Warning: This Book “God And You, The Perfect Relationship To Have“ Covers many Truthful Spiritual subjects that may offend the world religions, and their man – made belief systems. As the Universal Man is Spiritual, not religious. Read at your own risk of Spiritual Enlightenment. And As I open - up your spiritual mind or third eye, in order for God to come in and reveal all of Himself to you, I will also share with you all the right steps to take to connect with God. And this is all because I am so sick and tired of the 99 percent of my brothers and sisters, who have been and are lost into thinking God is one way, when He is the exact opposite. https://www.JamesDazouloute.Net/ - For More..

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Publisher James Dazouloute
Release Date
Pages 162 pages
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