Getting the Real Out of Starting a Business

Self published by his company Adelphi Publishing & Media Group, Getting the Real out of Starting a Business gives the reader a step by step tutelage on how to create a money making business, even in the part time. Carl gives a ton of information from forming a non profit, to finding a franchise. The first step to building wealth is by controlling your own destiny, states Carl Agard.Topics covered in the book: Learn how to incorporate and get tax ID numbers for your business Use the advantages of a corporation Form a Non Profit Organization Locate the best type of Franchising Opportunities How to build and use Business Credit Different ways to Finance your Business Effective ways to Market and Promote your business Learn the Art of Networking

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Publisher Adelphi Publishing & Media
Release Date
ISBN 0980051819
Pages 156 pages
Rating 4/5 (10 users)