The Germans at Beaumont Hamel

"Now thanks to this guide, it will be possible to study possibly the most visited site (at least by those whose ancestors served in the British Expeditionary Force) on the Western Front with a solid understanding of how the enemy fought its battles in the area of Beaumont Hamel and to be moved also by their professionalism, courage, tenacity, and comradeship. Hard work has also identified a number of the casualties of the fighting here who are now buried in the German cemeteries. It is difficult not to feel the grief of their fortunate comrades who survived the war and came back in search of their graves only to find traces of so very few of them. These brave soldiers, every bit as committed as their British or French enemies, deserved a better memorial than that. Hopefully, this book will serve as something of a memorial for them and help us also to understand why the battles of that war were so bitterly fought"--Series editor introd.

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