Chaplaincy: What in

For many, the route of coming into and through CPE and the process of self-discovery is mysterious and puzzling, fraught with fear and uncertainty. With amazing clarity and insightful wisdom, Dr. Susan Street-Beavers demystifies the CPE process. You are guided step-by-step with humor, poetry, prayer, scripture, and thought provoking questions through the story of Dr. Susie's journey to wholeness. Whether you are a nurse, social worker, therapist, pastor, elder, leader in your church community, or already a chaplain or just thinking and praying about it, this book offers skills to enhance self-awareness, growth in interpersonal relationships, and the strengthening of your ministry. An absolute must read for seminary students, church leaders and all who might consider participating in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and desire their experience to be a journey of wholeness. -Dr. Frank A. Thomas

In this book, Dr. Susie gives the reader a view of her personal journey through the clinical pastoral education (CPE) process. From this book, the reader will learn that many people become chaplains, as a result of going through the CPE process. Whether one becomes a chaplain or serves in another ministry, the self-reflection and growth experienced from the CPE process help make us better people. Dr. Susan Street-Beavers shares that the growth that she experienced caused her to write, "What in "h" was I thinking?" The "h" means heaven. The benefits gained by going through the CPE process can help to aid the CPE journeyer in her/his walk with God as we strive to share divinity with those that we are called to serve. -Dr. James A Nooks

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