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Plain and simple, here is the thing: Hillary did not win because Hillary was not going to win "Russia, the Russians, and Vladimir Putin." Enough is enough with that. Throw that cheap talk out the window. Hillary went too far. She is nothing more than a former first lady. But she wants to make believe that she is larger than life. She is not, and nobody is. Yes, a lot of people voted for her. Translation: "You were a good president, Mr. Clinton, we do appreciate you!" See, when it comes to what takes place on the political stage, there is always room for translation. Look at what happened with Jeb Bush. He was thrown out of the race at a very early moment. Poor Jeb did not have a chance. Translation: "We don't want another George W. Bush!" The rejection here was not meant for Jeb Bush as much as it was meant for George W. Bush's brother. Now then, going back to Hillary with the same measuring scale, the appreciation there was not meant for Hillary as much as it was meant for president Clinton's wife. Hillary is inadequate, she never was meant for the presidency of mighty United States of America. More to the point, even the position of Secretary of State was not really meant for her. President Obama gave her the position mainly to heal the wounds of the party and move on! He definitely was fully aware that others among the individuals that surrounded him were far more qualified than her. Ask him. Let us hear his answer. He just wanted to show the whole world that he forgave her for what she said to him and about him, "Shame on you, Mr. Obama!" Remember that language? Well, the truth is, Hillary does not have the capacity to understand complex issues at depth, just to give you an example here: when the Muslim Brotherhood became in charge of Egypt, she stood out there and announced, "Hey, that is democracy," smiling approvingly and nodding wholeheartedly in all directions. Oh yeah? Democracy, eh? Was it democracy when Hitler became in charge of Germany? That was brainwashing, utter deception, and intimidation all the way. Mr. Trump, I urge you to declare the Muslim Brotherhood the most violent terrorist organization on earth. For that is precisely who they are, a bunch of street thugs, hardaEUR"core criminals from anywhere you look at them. Then you look at the other side, and there you see the North Korean and the Chinese leaders: one of them was born in Extortionsville and the other was born in Deceptionsville. We don't know what will happen, however, whether the North Korean is driving toward war or toward peace, China loves it anyway. On the one hand, the lengthy issue of North Korea is the best distraction to the whole world while China is colonizing and militarizing the South China Sea. China has never ending territorial ambitionsaEUR"claiming and disputing here and there all the time. And having swallowed one region after another in the space of time, I can sure tell you, if you live on the moon, China will have territorial disputes with you. Now then, on the other hand, China is using the North Korean issue to blind the issue of those massive trade imbalances: Five hundred and fifty billion? Dollars? a year? What are we buying from China that we cannot make for ourselves at an unsurpassable degree of excellence? What the hell is going on here? That is not trade. That is throat cutting and blood sucking. That can't be. Five hundred and fifty billion? Get out of my face. That is the biggest robbery in the history of mankindaEUR"someone is smoking something out thereaEUR"in the meantime, someone is getting paid handsomely by the Chinese government to keep our relations with Russia at their lowest point. It is in the Chinese book of secrets: to make sure that the Americans wouldn't have friends in the Kremlin, and the Russians wouldn't have friends in the White HouseaEUR"and by the way, how could we end up paying China interest on borrowed money that had been stolen from us in the form of intellectual property and industrial secrets. A serious confrontation with China is what is neededaEUR|Not negotiations: you do not negotiate with a thiefaEUR"read...

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