(Free Sample) Disha's World Year Book 2022

Disha’s World Yearbook 2022 is an accurate, consistent and reliable source of information with a global reach. The book has been written in a very simple language. As the world is becoming a global village the knowledge of the world has become very essential for all students not just for various Competitive Exams but for General Knowledge. The book provides a Panoramic view of the world with comprehensive coverage of country-wise information containing all the latest facts and figures regarding location, population, area, climate, agriculture, etc. The World Yearbook 2022 is a premier source of contemporary political and socio-economic analysis for day-to-day reference offering timely information about the tallest, smallest, biggest, People Forever, world’s History and Civilizations, Technology, Environment, Sports, Awards and last but not the least Covid-19. Further all important International Organizations like UNO, World Bank, WHO, WWF, IMF, etc. and Country Groupings like G-8, SAARC, BRIC, QUAD, etc. The book also focuses on major global issues like Climate Change, Sustainability, Millennium Goals, Green Energy, Covid 19, etc. The book is equally useful for people of all the countries of the World.

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