Finding the End of the World

Learn tools and techniques you can use in any Biblical study and then explore the History of Israel. Use what you learn to analyze Old Testament prophecies and apocalyptic writings - all in preparation for comparing accounts of what Jesus told His disciples on the Mount of Olives and for analyzing the Revelation given to John. Round out your experience with in-depth studies of end-times players such as the Antichrist and the 144,000 'redeemed from the earth'. Finally, explore in great detail the major rapture positions and challenges presented by each.Ron Braley's book, Finding the End of the World, is a great resource for any serious student of God's Word. However, it will frustrate those who look to it for easy answers to questions surrounding the books of Daniel and Revelation, events of the End Times, and eschatological controversies. Instead, the author gives the reader and student the tools to delve into the Scriptures and discover the answers. Caution: This may lead the reader to question and even jettison some previously held views of the End of Times. While offering historical and theological background materials to consider, I believe the greatest value of this book is the study tools, guides and exercises it offers each student. The result is creating students of the Bible who know how to read and study for themselves. Ron Almberg, Jr. (B.A., Th.B., M.Div.).Ron Braley lives in Texas with Joanne, his wife of 27 years. They have 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Passion for spreading the Gospel and helping others to build their faith has led to the development of this comprehensive guide and the creation of Finding Discipleship, Inc. Please visit for free instructor materials, discussion boards, and opportunities to contribute to the discipleship cause.

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