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UNIT – I Introduction 1. Meaning and Scope of Public Finance, 2. The Principle of Maximum Social Advantage, 3. Public Goods vs. Private Goods, 4. Public Budget and Techniques of Budgeting, 5. Deficit Financing, UNIT – II Public Expenditure 6.Public Expenditure : Meaning, Nature, Wagner’s and Wiseman-Peacock’s Laws, 7. Classification and Conons of Public Expenditure, 8. Effects of Public Expenditure, UNIT – III Public Revenue 9. Public Revenue : It’s Classification and Sources, 10. Canons of Taxation and Characteristics of a Good Tax System, 11. Kind or Classification of Taxes, 12. The Division of Tax Burden : Incidence of Tax, 13 . Effects of Taxation on Economy, UNIT – IV Public Debts 14. Public Debts : Role and Classification, 15. Redemption of Public Debt and Management, UNIT – V The Federal Finance 16. Financial Federalism and Financial Adjustment in India, 17. The Finance Commissions, 18. Review of Indian Tax System, 19. Budgeting Procedure and Financial Control in India, 20. Value Added Tax.

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