Expense Income Tracker

Simple and User-firendly Monthly Budget Planner! Great for recording all your expenses and incomes. This pretty Accounting Book helps you MANAGE your FINANCES every day. Just write down everything that you earn, spend and save. This organizer helps you: * Creating GOOD PRACTICES to manage money * IMPROVING your FINANCIAL SITUATION * Keeping TRACK of your PURCHASES Advantages: 1. Plan and record Monthly Budget (incomes, expenses and differences) 2. Bill to be paid Tracker (Date due, Amount, Paid or Not Checkbox, Note) 3. Weekly expenses (description, date, amount, note) 4. 12 Months of detailed Tracking and space for notes 5. About 150 pages in a softcover 6. Perfectly sized at 8.5" x 11" - plenty of room for writing 7. Cover Design: Matte Craft Cover This is one of the best ways to stick your budget and stop living paycheck to paycheck and !! Just CLICK THE BUTTON below and START ORGANIZE your FINANCES, NOW!

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