Encyclopedia of the Divine Feminine

No matter what land, culture, country or faith, the Goddess is alive and well and attracting not only women to Her many paths and Her Mysteries but also men who have realised and awakened the feminine within and without as needed in this time of great uncertainty. It is time not to suppress the feminine, but Empower Her, so the world can see the true beauty in everything that She stands for and represents. She is not separate from the world, She is the world, and everything has a little light of the Goddess within them if they only take off their blinkers and let Her shine forth. Let us all now honour the Great Mother and in this great hour of need for a Mother, let us honour all Mothers throughout women’s forgotten past and listen to Her-story not his-story. It is the Patriarchal religions of the world that have created a world of uncertainty, imbalance, and fear. Let us NOW through the Divine Feminine remove the imbalance of the patriarchal warring world and assist our own community in EMPOWERING women and men to awaken to a world of harmony, peace and equilibrium, The Golden Age of Harmony and Equilibrium is NOW!. Let us as a sisterhood, daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all women and men under the Light of the Goddess in all Her cultures, names, and differences awaken Her to our world, and through us let Her shine. In honouring the Great Mother we shall spread Her love and honour all Mothers, all women of every faith, culture, and path. “May The Goddess hold you gently in the palms of Her hands, And always close to Her heart!” Lady Tamara Von Forslun Elder High Priestess of the Clan of Boskednan – Tribe of the Crow

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