Emerging Trends in Intelligent and Interactive Systems and Applications

This book reports on the proceeding of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent, Interactive Systems and Applications (IISA 2020), held in Shanghai, China, on September 25–27, 2020. The IISA proceedings, with the latest scientific findings, and methods for solving intriguing problems, are a reference for state-of-the-art works on intelligent and interactive systems. This book covers nine interesting and current topics on different systems’ orientations, including Analytical Systems, Database Management Systems, Electronics Systems, Energy Systems, Intelligent Systems, Network Systems, Optimization Systems, and Pattern Recognition Systems and Applications. The chapters included in this book cover significant recent developments in the field, both in terms of theoretical foundations and their practical application. An important characteristic of the works included here is the novelty of the solution approaches to the most interesting applications of intelligent and interactive systems.

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