Egyptian Mythology

Drama, death, glory and love flowed through the blood of the Egyptians under the watchful eyes of their Gods & Goddesses... Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest & most powerful civilizations in the world ever And of all ancient civilizations, Egyptians rule supreme when it comes to mystery and fantasy...From the lavish colors of their papyruses to how they mastered building technology thousands of years before anyone else, and to the legends surrounding the lives and deaths of their kings. Egyptians are an eternal source of awe. Not only did they know how to build great structures, they also knew how to have fun. They loved beer and board games, they used makeup, and they allowed women more freedom than many other women in the ancient world. You see, Game of Thrones has nothing on the intricacies, wars, and battles Egyptian dynasties fought for thousands of years. Ancient Egypt has it all: drama, love stories, myths, massive buildings, death, destruction and pain. Let's listen to them and explore their timeless stories! All of this and much more including: The Timeline Of Ancient Egypt: The Rise & The Fall Discover The Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt + Their Classic Stories The Mystery & Miracle of How The Pyramids Were Built (was it aliens? or astronomy?) Cleopatra's Legacy: The Most Famous Pharaoh & Femme Fatale The Afterlife, Burials, Tombs & How An Ancient Egyptian Mummy Was Made Isis & Osiris: The Greatest Love Story of All Time The Mummy Curse - What Killed People Who Opened King Tut's Tomb? Decoding The Secrets Of Egyptian Hieroglyphs Interesting Facts About Egyptian Culture: Art, Music, & Literature Ra, The Sun God of Ancient Egypt: Facts, Symbol & Powers And much, much more... This book will fuel your appetite for all the amazing (and perhaps frightening) things Ancient Egyptians were and did. Begin your journey of discovering not only Ancient Egypt but also it's legends, mythology and much more with this book.

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