Education 3.0 and eLearning Across Modalities

For many years, there has been a quest to discover the best teaching and learning methods in order to strengthen the classroom and the mind. Researchers now know more than ever before about the brain's impact on learning, historical triggers that lead to deep learning, and how to scale education with technology. Yet much of what is known is under-utilized in the classrooms of today, if leveraged at all. Education 3.0 and eLearning Across Modalities showcases effective practices based on innovative initiatives, research, and practitioner experiences from the past two decades. The effective practices of multi-modal learning, which are well known to practitioners but largely unknown to the general academic, are explained in detail while making each technique approachable and attainable regardless of institution, size, or modality. Covering topics such as distance learning, modern learning technologies, and learning innovation, this book is essential for teachers, educational software developers, IT consultants, instructional designers, curriculum developers, graduate students, undergraduate students, academicians, administrators, higher education faculty, and researchers.

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Publisher IGI Global
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ISBN 1799880346
Pages 400 pages
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