Easy Running Plans

Hit the ground running with this easy, total-body training guide. Whether you're a weekend runner looking to get in better shape or a road warrior aiming to tackle your first marathon, Easy Running Plans has something for you. Throughout this book, you'll learn the most effective stretching routines, strength workouts, and technique drills for runners--culminating in seven, easy-to-follow running plans. Whatever your goal may be, these plans will help you get there. And with the total-body approach, you'll not only get the most out of your runs but acquire the skills necessary to keep injuries at bay. Easy Running Plans contains the following: Lace up--Choose the training schedule that best suits your needs, whether you're looking to make steady gains or have your sights set on a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon. Study up--Learn the fundamentals of proper running form, stride, injury-prevention, and recovery. Speed up--Improve your speed, strength, and endurance with detailed illustrations depicting over 40 stretches, exercises, and drills--all of which can be performed at home, with little-to-no equipment. When you're ready to elevate your running game, pick up a copy of this book and get moving.

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Publisher Rockridge Press
Release Date
ISBN 9781646112005
Pages 172 pages
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