Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose is a suspense novel that picks up with the life of Paul Marco two years after his corporate downsizing days at the Baltimore Light Company. This time, Paul Marco is matched against hard times that are clouded by personal tragedy. After Paul?s wife, Diana, is brutally murdered at their struggling small business, Paul is determined to find those responsible so they can be held accountable. Unfortunately, those working on the side of the law do not work as quickly or as harshly as Paul Marco would like. He takes it upon himself, with the help of a few friends from his old neighborhood, to get old-style revenge. The savage instincts of a man whose back has been pushed against the wall force Paul to fight in such a way that justice is achieved to his satisfaction. However, the emotional and physical price Paul Marco pays for his revenge is tremendous. Several times he must reevaluate his feelings to decide if the price might be too high. He asks himself if it is worth giving up everything he has worked for, just to get revenge. Commissioner Jim Doukup, Detective Theresa McGavin, and Captain Thiemeyer try to catch up with Paul Marco to stop the seemingly endless amount of horrible bloodshed. The persistent Detective McGavin has Paul?s next moves figured out several times but pulls up short when it comes to producing the necessary evidence to make an arrest. Paul has several encounters with associates of the ominous Billy Sharp, known racketeer, drug dealer, and bookie. Paul has to systematically eliminate several human obstacles as he brutally makes his way up through Billy Sharp?s organization. Once Paul has Billy Sharp in a position to even the score, he takes advantage of his skills, cunning planning, and gut rage to make things right. Nothing to Lose is a page-turning suspense filled novel that makes you want to root for the underdog. After all, what Paul Marco goes through could happen to any one of us living in a politically correct society where the criminal has more rights than the victim.

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Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date
ISBN 073885302X
Pages 298 pages
Rating 4/5 (24 users)