Discrimination, Vulnerable Consumers, and Financial Inclusion

Introduction - discrimination, vulnerable consumers and financial inclusion (Stănescu & Gikay) -- Tackling issues in consumer credit : the role of human rights (Ondersma) -- Beyond negative interpretations of freedom of contract : the interplay between private law and human rights in light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Varney) -- Anti-discrimination efforts for insurance consumers : legislation and practice in mainland China (Kailiang) -- Vulnerability, financial inclusion, and the heightened relevance of education in a credit crisis (Iheme) -- The payments revolution: towards financial exclusion or inclusion? (Rochemont) -- Inside the black box : the impact of machine learning on the creditworthiness assessment (Atkinson) -- Consumer peer-to-peer lending and the promise of enhancing access to credit : lessons from the Netherlands (Buit) -- Digital debt collection. Opportunities, abuses, concerns (Stănescu) -- Financial conduct in the UK's banking sector : regulating to protect vulnerable consumers (Powley and Stanton) -- Are some classes of consumer-investors of collapsed pyramid and Ponzi schemes vulnerable? A multi-jurisdictional perspective (Tajti).

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