Directory of Britain's Military Aircraft

This dictionary details all the aircraft, airships and gliders which have served the UK's forces throughout the years of flight since the first powered flight, airship Nulli Secundus, in 1907. Broken up alphabetically, this volume focuses on bombers, transports, long-range, over-sea, reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft. Intending to create a quick and useful reference book, author Terry Hancock details every type of manned aircraft that has carried military serials and seen service with the operational squadrons or training and support units of the British armed forces, the RFC, RNAS, RAF, Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps (excluding types designed for record breaking, carrying civil registrations, types used solely by the Commonwealth, temporary serials, types retained for ground training, tethered balloons and man-carrying kites).Each entry lists the type name and mark, role prefix, and comments on type, roles, crew, capacity, service period, units and countries, armament, engines, serials, and includes a performance and dimensions table.

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