Digital Innovation: Harnessing The Value Of Open Data

Digital innovation — involving the Internet, its content and ecosystems of global users — is a rapidly evolving way of creating strategic and societal value. The phenomenon of Open data is on the rise and transforming the fundamental nature of how many industries, companies and governments connect with each other and the end-users of products and services — from increased customer-centric innovations, to winning political campaigns, and managing public health concerns. Open data holds the promise of greater transparency, greater accountability and empowerment of stakeholders. Yet curating and publicly sharing data can be difficult, requires substantive investments in knowledge infrastructures and incentives to do so are not well understood. Who is driving and enabling the open data movement? What motivates organizations to release data and how are they using it to create value? What are the current challenges and how are they being mitigated? What are the decision-frames adopted for sharing data? What are the possible applications and lessons to be learnt from current practices? What is the role of organisational ingredients and culture as a catalyst for adopting and facilitating open data practices? What is the possible impact of semantic web application? By exploring the multiple dimensions of open data and the interplay of economic utility, governance, societal values of fairness and trust, this volume seeks to entice readers by providing evidence-based answers to these questions, among others. Readers are tempted to a progressively revealing and enlightening journey from the conceptualisation to cultural proliferation of the latest trends in knowledge management: open data.Digital Innovation: Harnessing the Value of Open Data draws on practical experiences, bringing together widely distributed and latest knowledge of open data practices as case studies from researchers, academics, industry leaders, policy advisors and practitioners. In exploring the economics and technology paradigms, data governance and management practices of digital-centric private and public organizations, this volume sheds light on why there exists a need to embrace open data, what is needed to optimize the value of open data in driving digital innovation and how it is being currently conceived. The book draws a thought-provoking conclusion on open data as a purpose-driven phenomenon, with its disparate applications in a world of where global convergence on information sharing, storing and management are increasingly becoming a norm.Related Link(s)

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