Dark Moon Lilith (Step 4 in the Witches Anonymous paranormal romance series)

Slipping off the magic-free bandwagon has landed me on probation from Witches Anonymous. My love life is on probation, as well, and my sexy, irresistible ex, Lucifer, is tempting me to come back to him. Struggling to stick to my magic-free oath, I’ve committed to Step 4 of Witches Anonymous—examining my moral character. Just my luck, Lilith, the Queen of Hell, wants Lucifer back and now I’ve got three assassins after me—one who plays with poison, another who loves a good fire, and the third who plans to take me to the pit. The only way around this is to team up with Lucifer and kick Lilith off her throne. Ah well, I’ve always wanted to be queen.

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Publisher Beach Path Publishing, LLC.
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Rating 4/5 ( users)