Cyber-Physical Systems: Architecture, Security and Application

This book provides an overview of recent innovations and achievements in the broad areas of cyber-physical systems (CPS), including architecture, networking, systems, applications, security, and privacy. The book discusses various new CPS technologies from diverse aspects to enable higher level of innovation towards intelligent life. The book provides insight to the future integration, coordination and interaction between the physical world, the information world, and human beings. The book features contributions from renowned researchers and engineers, who discuss key issues from various perspectives, presenting opinions and recent CPS-related achievements. Investigates how to advance the development of cyber-physical systems Provides a joint consideration of other newly emerged technologies and concepts in relation to CPS like cloud computing, big data, fog computing, and crowd sourcing Includes topics related to CPS such as architecture, system, networking, application, algorithm, security and privacy

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Publisher Springer
Release Date
ISBN 3319925644
Pages 249 pages
Rating 4/5 (46 users)