Covid-19 and the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Offering a comprehensive understanding of the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for the tourism and hospitality industry, this book discusses the topic from economic, sociological and psychological perspectives. Critical case studies are used to explore both micro impacts on individuals involved in the industry and governmental and international responses to issues posed by the pandemic more broadly. Chapters explore ways in which tourism and hospitality organizations will need to re-think their marketing strategies, including destination branding. The book also analyses the economic impacts of the pandemic, including insights on the impact of previous pandemics on the tourism sector, and how this may inform future practice. It highlights changes that may be necessary to tourism management, looking at how Covid-19 has affected the tourism workforce, tourism employees' psychology, supply chains, and revenues. This is a timely and critical read for tourism studies and business and management scholars. It will also be a helpful resource for management in the tourism and hospitality industry looking to better understand how to react to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing
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ISBN 9781800376236
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